Terms & Conditions

Introduction :

This is the Terms and Conditions of Roophka Pickdrop will manage your use of this website. This website is licensed by Roophka Pickdrop and is protected by all the Copyright Laws and Other Intellectual Property Laws. Please read the term and conditions properly and utilize our website for online bus ticket booking. Use our website only when all the terms and conditions are applicable to you. So, carefully read our T & C and make use of our website services entirely.

We play as a medium between you and the bus operators listed in our site for bus ticket booking. We are not responsible for any damage or lose during your journey. Book bus tickets in our website only when you agree to the bus fares and other conditions of our website.

Intellectual Property Rights :

Roophka Pickdrop owns all the intellectual property rights and materials contained in this Website. You are limited to only for purposes of viewing the materials and make use of our website services.

Restrictions :

You are restricted from all of the following:

• Publishing of materials from our website in any other medium
• Commercialize usage of design and content of our Website material
• Publicly displaying or performing any activities of our website
• Using our website in a way of creating damaging to our service
• Using this Website in any way that impacts user access to this Website
• Using this website in any way violating the laws and regulations, or causing harm to the Website, or the users or the services we provide
• Making duplicates of our website or extracting information from our site and other illegal activites
• Using this website for advertising or marketing for your benefit is against our T & C
Roophka Pickdrop users are only provided limited access to use of our website and other restricted to some areas of this Website, at any time without notification. The email ID and password you provided during signing up should be kept confidential.

No Warranties :

Roophka Pickdrop services may vary anytime based on the bus operators or on the time of your journey. So, there are only limited warranties or no warranties based on the service you choose during your journey. This is not in any way related to our website or materials contained on our website.

We are an online bus ticket booking platform to provide service to those who need our bus ticketing services and it is not in any way to bother the visitors.

Limitation Of Liability :

In no case Roophka Pickdrop or its employees are responsible for anything that is in any way connected with your use of this Website.

Indemnification :

The user booking bus tickets is responsible for any claim, expenses, losses and any other legal fees charged for any violation of our terms & conditions. The users or any visitors to our website continue proceed our services and utilize our website only when you agree with all the terms and conditions.

Assignment :

Roophka Pickdrop holds all the rights of transferring or subcontracts its rights and or obligations without any notification. However, the users and other visitors to our website have only the rights to book bus ticket and are not allowed to assign any subcontracts or obligations of our website materials.

Bus tickets cancellation and refund :

The cancellation of bus tickets is accepted only if you request the ticket cancellation by contacting us. We will process your ticket cancellation details and based on the bus operators and our policies the ticket refund will be varied for different passengers.

Offers :

Roophka Pickdrop provides offers for different festivals and occasions but it is a limited offer and use these offer only within the validity of the offer provided. All the offer has different Terms & conditions. Make clarification with us by contacting our support team before you use any offers form our website.

Payment :

There are different payment modes available with us. We are not responsible for any loss or payment issues arising during your transactions.

Entire Agreement :

These Terms constitute the entire agreement between Roophka Pickdrop and you in relation to your use of this Website.